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This  ten years old " next step progressive free cool tutti frutti contemporary jazz " band is active in Europe, and A.K.A. Grande Orchestra da Ballo F.lli Ruoppolo, Smooth, Gentlejazz, etc.

The players are:

Guido Silipo – guitar

Denis Pechoux - keyboards

Filippo Leporelli - bass

Pino Marroccella - drums


Today we are an Italian-French free improvisation quartet, normally playing without a written theme. We play the tunes starting the improvisation from microfragments (one note, an atmosphere, a light…). We are searching for an interplay, more co-operative than based on a competitive dialog. Trying to avoid the stereotypes (like i.e. any furious way to play free jazz) in order to reach to a kind of improvisation builded on a deeper listening between the players