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Our Italian/French co-operative free jazz band called Chaussette Verte is making its free music revolution. When the correct way, for the bands "discovered" by the corporations, seems to be to clonate any success, to defend the high prizes of the CDs and to sentence to death the ones who make copies of them, we play the music we love, our CD is freely downloadable from the net and can be freely copied in as many copies as anybody want to do. We always obtain good reviews and are unexpectedly successful in terms of public's appreciation (our first has been at the 1st place in the Vitaminic SELLING charts for 13 weeks and the second one too actually turns on a lot of cd players worldwide ).

Now, let's download the cds, make all the copies you like, and distribute it to your friends.

If you wish to do something more to help us, you could buy a hard copy. And, if you know a way to help our manager in booking our concerts, just write her.

  • click on the title on the left side for free downloading the whole album (or selected tunes)
  • click on the cover image to communicate us your impressions and/or purchase an hard copy
  • click off the lights, relax, sit back, enjoy the music


Jazz'n dipity (2001)

Aux Arts Citoyens (2004)