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Guido Silipo guitar


Professional musician when he was 12 years old, in the following 28 Guido has played with: Chet Baker, Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell, Sonny Costanzo, Alan Ginter, Ivo Perelman, Massimo Urbani, Marco Omicini and a lot of others





Denis Pechoux keyboards


His first jazz group, when he was 27 years old, in Algeria, was the Constantine Jazz Band. In the 80s, in Canada, played in the Montreal clubs with the Watercolours band. From several years in Italy, Denis has played with many bands, mostly as bandleader.



Filippo Leporelli bass

In 1976 Filippo formed with Marco Matrunola and Bruno Kropp "L'Universo Esterno (LUE)", band with which, during fifteen years, from progressive Rock, evolve until typically Fusion atmospheres. From the end of the 80s writes scores for documentary movies directed by Antonio Pettinelli for RAI, Italian Caritas, WFP. From 1985 until now participates in several experiences in rock groups, in Rome, both in original productions and as cover band



Pino Marroccella drums

Student of Ettore Fioravanti and Daniel Humair, member of the Abacuc Blues Band from the start up, Pino is from several years active on the Roman jazz scene